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Jeffrey David Espinoza

Best known for its artistic name Jeff Espinoza is a singer-songwriter and guitar player focused to Blues, Southern Rock, Country Rock and Rhythm and Blues. Born in L.A. (USA) where he graduated in Psychology and Ethnic Studies at the University of the State of California in Fullerton. The hobby of Espinoza for music caused him to combine the professional exercise as a psychologist of autistic children, with participation in various Californian bands.
With the desire to perfect your musical knowledge, Jeff conducted music theory studies, composition, voice, and recording techniques at the California State University of California at the Orange Coast College of California, also assisting various seminars of Composition and recording. He has studied 'bel canto' for ten years with Inés de Rivadeneira.
He arrived to Madrid (Spain) in 1980 with the Californian group 'Not Justice' and progressively he is integrated into the Spanish musical scene until he enters on the legendary 'Flying Gallardos', with whom he recorded his first album in Spain. Later, he was recruited as a singer of the 'Vargas Blues Band', with whom he recorded three albums ('Madrid-Memphis', 'Blues Latino', and 'Texas Tango'). Finally, Jeff Espinoza with Francisco Simón decided to create the R&B band Red House.
Is also the founder and CEO of Paella Records, S.L. record company and Paella Records label.

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